Elektrovat possesses expertise and experience in performing electric installations regarding:

  • Construction of transformer substations with voltage level 35 kV.
  • Electrical installations for industrial objects and other purpose buildings.
  • Automation and control of manufacturing systems.
  • LV objects and distribution panels production.
  • Measurements, testing and monitoring of power supply quality and installations.

For this kind of expertise Elektrovat possesses adequate Licenses to perform electric power installations, and work implementation is completely organized according to Quality Management System SRPS ISO 9001:2008, Occupational Safety and Health System SRPS OHSAS 18001:2008 and Environmental Management System SRPS ISO 14001:2005.

Our company does work implementation in the following sectors:

Electric Power Industry

We have built a great number of industrial and distribution transformer substations 10(20)/0.4 kV/kV and hundreds of miles of MV overhead transmission and cable lines. During work execution we have performed implementation of MV switchgear and equipment of SF6 technology, MV vacuum circuit breakers and contactors, as well as numerous MV overhead installations. We have installed a great number of switchgear equipment of the latest technology, as well state-of-the-art microprocessor protection.

Water Management

Elektrovat built systems for wastewater treatment, draining systems, pumping stations, water intake, and other.

Paper Industry

General and technological installations have been performed in the paper factory according to the turnkey system.

Tobacco Industry

We have delivered a great number of distribution panels for electric motor drive and Central Surveillance and Control System to tobacco factories.

Chemical Industry

A great number of distribution panels for electric motor drive and other had been delivered by us.

Food Industry

We have constructed general and technological installations, as well as automation panels and electric motor drives in confectionery products factories, fish processing factories, mills, cold storage, etc.

Building Materials Industry

Elektrovat constructed automated line for the production of all types of concrete, distribution panels electric motor drive, technological and electric power installations, etc.

Other Facilities

Our team performed complete electric power installation for mega markets, business facilities, television, film city, banks and their subsidiaries, etc. In previous projects, Elektrovat has primarily become recognized by its human resources. The practice of our company to employ highly educated and young staff, giving them an opportunity to gain significant experience in the fields of electric power, enabling them to form and professionally develop, has proven to be more than a good strategy. We can proudly state that our company has the expertise to perform simultaneous quality and professional implementation on more major and complex projects, guaranteed by our team of 18 engineers.

The professionalism of our contractors and installers with the support of designers enables overcoming all project inconsistencies or changes in investor’s requests via applying state-of-the-art technical solutions within a given deadline.

Led by market demands we have constructed a network consisting of 14 subcontractors dealing with electric power and mechanical engineering, and we have signed annual contracts with them for business and technical cooperation on the basis of a permanent or temporary engagement. Fulfilling all terms, as well as our employees, regarding professionalism and performance quality, consistency, occupational safety under the guidance of our experts, subcontractors may increase the human potential of Elektrovat to more than 100 employees during implementation of major projects.

The company possesses all necessary machinery and equipment to perform the most complex types of work – trucks and other vehicles to transport goods and employees, cranes, mobile platforms, all-terrain vehicles, mobile substations, aggregate containers, construction containers, as well as sophisticated devices to analyze electric power network and perform tests in thermal imaging of electric equipment conditions, insulation quality test tools up to 25kV and other.

Our company performs implementation using exclusively equipment and materials of renowned manufacturers with attest documentation. Implementation is performed by our qualified and trained experts according to the recommendations of manufacturers.

Clients satisfaction with our performance, as well as a reference list of performed implementations are the best indicator why Elektrovat is one of the most significant companies in this field of expertise in Serbia.