Wastewater treatment plants in Strumica, Kicevo and Radovis

Buyer: WTE Wassertechnik GmbH, Essen, FR Germany

Investor: Government of the Republic of Macedonia

Based on our successful cooperation with the leading European enterprise dealing with wastewater treatment, WTE Wassertechnik GmbH, in 2017 we started implementing projects for the development of complete technological installations and management systems for wastewater treatment plants in Strumica, Radoviš and Kičevo in the Republic of Macedonia.

During the implementation of the project, the following was done:

  • Design of the constructed facility.

  • Preparation of project documentation necessary for execution;

  • Implementation of ATS system in case of loss of the main supply to the LV section of 0.4 kV transformer stations;

  • Delivery and installation of a diesel-electric generator of 350 kVA;

  • Manufacture, delivery and installation of distribution cabinets for technological installations and cabinets with PLC and other control equipment according to IEC 61439-1 standard;

  • Delivery and installation of instrumentation equipment for the needs of technological processes;

  • Development and implementation of SCADA systems and PLC software for management and supervision of the entire plant;

  • Testing the equipment for power supply of technological installations and  SCADA system.

Strumica Wastewater Treatment Plant


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