Bloomberg Adria Zagreb Studio Upgrade

Discover how Elektrovat transformed Bloomberg Adria's Zagreb studio infrastructure for enhanced capabilities and top-tier news coverage.

Bloomberg Adria proudly stands as the pioneering pan-regional, multi-platform business news network dedicated to serving the Southeastern European region. In support of this esteemed venture and to bolster their cutting-edge studio infrastructure located in Zagreb, Elektrovat undertook a series of critical tasks. These tasks encompassed:

  • Grid Formation for Studio Lighting and Electrical Infrastructure:

    • Meticulous design and construction of a robust grid structure, meticulously engineered to facilitate optimal studio lighting and electrical installations.
    • Employed high-strength steel pipes as both primary and secondary supports within the grid framework to ensure structural integrity and longevity.
  • Manufacturing, Assembly, and Integration of Distribution Cabinets:

    • Precision manufacturing of distribution cabinets, adhering to industry-leading standards of quality and functionality.
    • Expert assembly and seamless integration of these cabinets into the studio’s infrastructure.
    • Installation of two distinct types of junction boxes equipped with versatile connectors, strategically positioned to serve a diverse range of operational needs.
  • DMX and Ethernet Installations:

    • Deployment of cutting-edge DMX (Digital Multiplex) and Ethernet infrastructure, meticulously designed to meet the stringent demands of the broadcasting industry.
    • Ensured seamless connectivity and data transmission, vital for facilitating the network’s operations and the delivery of high-quality content.

These intricate and precise tasks carried out by Elektrovat have played a pivotal role in establishing a technologically advanced and resilient studio environment for Bloomberg Adria, reaffirming their commitment to delivering top-tier business news coverage in Southeastern Europe.


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