Reconstruction project of the bridge ‘Sarajevski most’ in the Grdelica Gorge

The “Sarajevski most” over the South Morava River, at the entrance to the Grdelica Gorge, has been completely reconstructed and opened to traffic. This will alleviate traffic congestion in Grdelica, through which the E-75 highway passes. During the bridge construction, traffic had been diverted to the highway, utilizing a parallel state road.

Elektrovat has carried out a series of works therefore enabling functionality and decorative lighting of the bridge:

  • Automation of the control cabinet: Design, delivery, and installation of the automation cabinets =SM +NE for powering the functional and decorative lighting of the bridge have been completed.

  • Power supply for the control cabinet: The primary power supply for the control cabinet is provided by the newly built pole substation 10/0.4 kV ‘Sarajevo Bridge,’ with a capacity of 1×50 kVA.

  • Bridge illumination: The distribution cabinet supplies outlets for both functional and decorative lighting. Philips lamps are used for both types of illumination.

  • Communication: The automation cabinet is optically connected to the Technical-Operational Center ‘Manajle,’ enabling remote control of the lighting.

  • Cable installation: Power and communication cables have been partially pulled through corrugated pipes and laid in trenches excavated in the ground. Some cables pass through the cable ducts of the bridge (and the overpass above the highway), while others go through cable supports, aluminum and PVC pipes.

  • Grounding system and lightning protection installations: Works related to the grounding system and lightning protection installations have been completed, ensuring safety.

  • Programming of operational modes: Our engineers have programmed the operational mode of decorative lighting, including installation, programming, scenario creation, as well as integration into the Technical-Operational Center ‘Manajle.’

  • Testing and measurements: Testing and measurements have been conducted by accredited firms, guaranteeing the high quality of the executed works.

  • Documentation: The As-Built Project documentation and the Test-Technical Documentation have been prepared, providing all necessary information about the completed works.


The high quality and business level of our company has received the official confirmation through the acquisition of certificates for the established Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001:2015, Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015, Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018, Energy Management System EN ISO 50001:2018, and Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 27001:2014.


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