Reconstruction of the electrostatic precipitator of Thermal Power Plant “Nikola Tesla”, block A4

Buyer: TENT A, KO Urovci, 11500 Obrenovac

Investor: PE “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” JSC Belgrade, Carice Milice br.2

TPP Nikola Tesla, commonly known as TENT, is a power plant complex operated by Elektroprivreda Srbije, located on the right bank of the river Sava, approximately 40 km upstream from Downtown Belgrade, near the city municipality of Obrenovac. By far the largest one in Serbia, the complex generates around 17.263 GWh annually, which covers almost half of Serbia’s needs for electricity. The complex and two of its plants are named in honor of Nikola Tesla.

During the implementation of the project, the following will be done:

  • The reconstruction of the electrostatic precipitator aims to increase the efficiency of the dusting of electrostatic precipitators and to reduce the dust mixture to a level below 50 mg / Nm3.

  • Within the technical documentation, a CFD study of numerical simulation of incompressible fluid flow in the flue gas channel in front of the electrostatic precipitator, in the electrostatic precipitator chamber, and in the flue gas channel behind the electrostatic precipitator was performed. The results of the CFD study defined the solution and scope of machine work.

  • The contract envisages the preparation of project documentation for the execution of electrical and mechanical works, as well as the preparation of the project for fire protection.

  • The project for the reconstruction of electrical installations envisages the delivery and installation of two three-phase transformer units of higher power, manufactured by Castlet, and the delivery of new control cabinets for transformer rectifier units, manufactured by INT.

  • The project of mechanical installations envisages the reconstruction of the interior of the inlet and outlet channels of the electrostatic precipitator. Assembly and disassembly work on the extension and replacement of the existing turning plates in the inlet and outlet channel are planned.

    Partners in this project CODRA, Institute “Nikola Tesla”, EURO-MONT-ING, NDC, IRMA PROJEKT, Ortel and a representative of the Elektrovat consortium.


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