Reconstruction of Substation 35/10kV, 2X 8MVA

General contractor: Elektrovat LTD, Belgrade

Investor: Cooper tires, Kruševac

During the substation reconstruction of the project, the following was done:

  • Dismantling of old equipment: 35kV and 10kV MV cubicles, general consumption cabinets;

  • Construction of new cable channels, stands for transformer 8MVA and  protective fences;

  • Delivery, installation, and commissioning of a new SM6 unit, 6 cubicles of 35kV + 17 cubicles of 10kV;

  • Delivery and installation of general consumption cabinets;

  • Replacement of batteries and rectifiers 110VDC, to generate command voltage;

  • Delivery, installation and commissioning of relay protection;

  • Replacement of connection cable;

  • The excavation of cable trenches, laying and connecting cables;

  • Development of detailed design plan and structure schematics

Substation maintenance is the process of inspecting and, if required, repairing and replacing all switchgear, buildings, and auxiliary equipment in substation installations on a regular basis. Substation maintenance, in its most basic form, is a routine of preventive inspections and activities performed to keep substations in excellent operating order. This procedure generally comprises a series of severe visual and physical inspections and activities carried out in accordance with a predetermined timetable. Equipment replacement is a normal procedure performed only when wear, damage, or poor functioning is detected.


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