Reconstruction of main distribution and sub-distribution 0.4kV blocks B1 and B2

Investor and end-user:  PE  EPS,  Branch  TENT Belgrade, Unit:  TENT B


It is located on the right bank of the Sava River, 50 kilometers west of Belgrade and 17 kilometers upstream from the TENT A complex. It has the two largest power units in Serbia, with the power of 620 megawatts each, which have been operational since 1983, i.e. 1985, respectively.

The first studies on the selection of location and construction were prepared in 1972-1974. The decision on realization was adopted by the Joint Electric Power Company “Beograd” in early 1975, and funds for the construction were secured in 1976. This was followed by designing and supply of equipment for the first two units. Construction works began in the spring of 1978, mounting of the steel structure of the first unit began a year later, and for the second unit in 1982. For that time, this was a fantastic venture by European standards.

In its work up to date, TENT B has set almost all records in production, duration of continuous work, hourly use, main indicators of efficiency, and cost-efficiency of exploitation.

In 2016, implementation of the project aimed at the reconstruction of main distribution and sub-distribution blocks 0.4kV in one of the largest thermal power stations in the country, TENT B started.  The scope of the reconstruction included production, delivery, and installation of withdrawable switchboards of main distribution blocks and reconstruction and replacement of circuit breakers in the sub-distribution blocks  B1 and B2.

In the course of the project implementation, the following actions were completed:

  • Preparation of project execution plan;

  • Demounting of existing LV distribution blocks and sub-distribution blocks at blocks B1 and B2;

  • Production, delivery and mounting of new distribution withdrawable switchboards of LV distribution of 0.4 kV at blocks B1 and B2, according to IEC 61439-1&2 standard;

  • Reconstruction and replacement of main supply switches in sub-distribution blocks;

  • Connecting the plant with existing consumers, as well as to the DCS system;

  • Testing the connections to DCS system and commissioning;

  • Preparing the as-built project plan.


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