Reconstruction and modernization of the self-consumption system in hydropower plant Đerdap 1

During 2016. implementation of the project of reconstruction and modernization of the self-consumption system in the largest hydropower plant in our country,  HPP Đerdap 1 started.  The scope of the reconstruction includes three voltage ranges (15,75k; 6,3 kV; 0,4kV;), supply of substation “Limenka”  and construction of the system of managing the plants.

In the course of the project implementation, the following actions were completed:

  • Supply and installation of the cabinet for a temporary supply of priority consumers;

  • Remounting of existing LV distribution units of  4kV at blocks  I, II, and III of  HE Đerdap 1;

  • Remounting of sections I and II for LV distribution of  3kV in HE Đerdap 1;

  • Construction, supply, and installation of distribution cabinets of LV distribution 4kV I, II, and III and cabinets with PLC and other control equipment – type Spacial SF, according to  IEC 61439-1 standard;

  • Supply and installation of sections I and II for MV distribution 3kV – type  MC Set, manufactured by  Schneider Electric;

  • Reconstruction of LV unit and replacement of 15.75kV circuit breakers on all three blocks in HE Đerdap 1;

  • Supply and installation of diesel power generator 1100kVA;

  • Construction, supply and installation of  TS “Limenka” with dry power  transformer  10/0.4 kV, 1x1000kVA, fitted with MV 10kV plant of  SM6 type,  manufactured by   Schneider Electric and LV 0.4kV  block of the  Spacial SF type, manufactured by  Schneider Electric (with  implemented ATS system in the event of failure of main supply at  LV 0.4kV block);

  • Connections of distribution power cabinets for LV distribution of 0.4kV I, II, and III at the existing busbar rails of  4kV and realization of the necessary functional interlinks between the plants;

  • Reconstruction of the existing rail distribution;

  • Construction and implementation of the SCADA system  and PLC software for control and supervision over the plants for all three voltage ranges  (15.75kV; 6.3 kV; 0.4kV;);

  • Functional testing of the plant, adjustment, and testing of the relay protection, and testing of the SCADA system.


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