Powering TENT Evolution: Elektrovat’s Contribution

Elektrovat is honored to contribute to Serbia’s energy sector, specifically within thermal power plant ‘Nikola Tesla’ (TENT). Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to support TENT’s growth and reliability, playing a modest yet meaningful role in Serbia’s energy evolution.

In Serbia’s energy sector, Elektrovat is recognized as a dependable partner dedicated to providing pragmatic engineering solutions. With a focus on effectiveness and efficiency, Elektrovat has played a role in improving the infrastructure and operations of thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla” (TPP “Nikola Tesla” or TENT), Serbia’s largest thermal power complex.

Within the TENT network, Elektrovat has undertaken various projects aimed at enhancing functionality and reliability. From replacing electrical protections at thermal power plant TENT-A, Blok A5 in Obrenovac, to reconstructing distributions at thermal power plant TENT B, our efforts demonstrate a commitment to practical solutions that improve operational efficiency.

Approaching each project with a focus on efficiency and reliability, Elektrovat ensures each solution meet clients’ specific needs.

We take pride in being a trusted partner within the TENT network, continuously striving to address the evolving needs of Serbia’s energy sector and contribute to a more sustainable and reliable energy future.

Project overview:

TPP Nikola Tesla A (TENT A):

  • Electrical Protection Units Replacement and Functional Testing:

    • Replacement of electrical protection units for generators, transformers, and medium voltage switchgears on Block A5.
    • Functional testing and commissioning of new electrical protections on blocks A3, A4, A5, and A6.
    • Implementation of a new block protection device TENT A, including preparation of technical documentation, changes to electrical protection cabinets, and testing.
  • Distribution Switchboards and Sub-distribution Switchboards RT-04:

    • Dismantling of old equipment.
    • Delivery, installation, and connection of new equipment for measuring cells and output switches of distribution switchboards and sub-distribution switchboards RT-04.
  • Pumping Stations Electrical Installation:

    • Execution of PS1 and PS2 pumping stations electrical installation.
    • Workshop production of two containers with LV distribution motor switchboards with variable speed drives and accompanying equipment.
    • Execution of electric motor drive installations and instrumentation installation.
    • Execution of 6kV cable line.
  • Relocation and Reconstruction:

    • Relocation and reconstruction of two precast concrete stations BTS-4 and BTS.
    • Execution of the pole substation STS 6/0.4kV, 250kVA.
  • Warehouse and Auxiliary Facilities:

    • Delivery of equipment and execution of electric power installations and telecommunication installations for warehouses with auxiliary facilities.
  • Ash Landfill Pumping Stations:

    • Execution of construction and electrical installation works for power supply of the ash landfill pumping stations.
    • Excavation of a 12km trench and laying of 6kV cable lines with a total length of 12300m, including connection in MV switchgears.
    • Installation of optical cables with a total length of 6150m.
  • Project Kaseta 4:

    • Execution of electrical installations for substation 6/0.4kV, 2x1250kVA.
    • Installation of transformers and prefabricated busbar trunking systems.
    • Workshop production and installation of LV switchgear, cabinets with variable speed drives, PLC cabinets, SCADA server cabinets, telemetry cabinets.
    • Development of application software for SCADA system, PLC controller, and HMI panel.
    • Execution of electrical and telecommunication installations of the pump station, instrumentation installations, and installation of outdoor lighting.
  • Mobile Transformer Stations:

    • Delivery, installation, and commissioning of three mobile transformer stations 6/0.4kV, 1000 kVA (type Biosco).
    • Delivery, installation, and commissioning of new mobile transformer stations BTS5 and BTS6 6/0.4kV (type Biosco).
  • Backup Power Supply for Electrostatic Precipitators:

    • Upgrading of circuit breaker cubicle in the existing 6.3 kV switchgear.
    • Delivery and installation of transformer 2500 kVA, 6.3/0.4kV.
    • Panel building and delivery and installation of LV switchboard 4000A.
    • Implementation of software applications into existing DCS system for managing and supervision of backup power supply for electrostatic precipitators on blocks A3, A4, A5, and A6.
  • LV Switchboard and Busbar Trunking System:

    • Panel building and delivery of LV switchboard.
    • Delivery of busbar trunking system 4000A.
  • Technical Documentation and Reconstructions:

    • Design of technical documentation and reconstruction of 0.4 kV switchboard, including installation of withdrawable circuit breakers and accompanying equipment.
  • 6kV Switchgear Reconstruction:

    • Reconstruction of 6kV switchgear, including replacement of old 6kV circuit breakers with new SF6 6kV withdrawable circuit breakers.
  • Block A6 – TENT A Equipment Installation:

    • Delivery and installation of equipment in block A6 – TENT A, including electrical distribution cabinets.
    • Development of software for PLC and updating of existing SCADA system software.
    • Start-up of the whole system.

TPP Nikola Tesla B (TENT B):

  • Reconstruction of Main Distribution Switchboards and Sub-Distributions

    • Dismantling of old switchboards.
    • Workshop production, delivery, and installation of new withdrawable LV motor switchgears for 1DBA, 2DBA, 1DBB, and 2DBB (4 pieces).
    • Workshop production, delivery, and installation of new withdrawable LV motor switchgears OFJ01 and OFJ02 (2 pcs), along with a complete busbar trunking system intermediate connection.
    • Workshop production, delivery, and installation of drawout MCC switch panels (4 pcs).
    • Panel building, delivery, and installation of LV switchboards (7 pcs).
    • Panel building, delivery, and installation of main distribution and sub-distribution LV switchboards and related equipment.
  • Reconstruction of 6.6kV Switchgears

    • Reconstruction of 46 electric cells.
    • Replacing 6kV PU switches with SF6 Rollarc contactors.
  • Valve Automatic Control System Creation

    • Panel building, delivery, and installation of the main control cabinet (PLC 80486 Modicon Quantum + Hot Stand-by Kit) and safety cabinets (2 pcs).
    • Preparation and analysis of regulatory structures.
    • Development of application software for PLC and touch panel.
    • Commissioning of the system.
  • Equipment and Works on Block B1 – TENT B

    • Reparation of MV cells with the installation of circuit breakers LF2.
    • Installation and parameterization of microprocessor protection units Sepam.
    • Panel building, delivery, and installation of LV switchboards and distribution cabinets (70 pcs) and PLC cabinet.
    • Execution of electrical installation and installation of instrumentation.
    • Software development for PLC and SCADA system.
    • Commissioning of the whole system.
  • Equipment and Works on Block B2 – TENT B

    • Execution and delivery of LV switchboards (6 pcs) and PLC cabinet.
    • Delivery and installation of prefabricated busbar trunking connections 3200A.
    • Development of PLC application software.
    • Development of SCADA systems for visualization and management of filter plants ESP1 and ESP2.
    • Commissioning of the whole system.
    • Production and delivery of withdrawable part of MV cells with installation of 7.2 kV circuit breaker type LF2.
    • Delivery, installation, and parameterization of microprocessor protection units type Sepam T42.
  • Delivery and Monitoring of TR Units Commissioning

TPP Kolubara:

  • Pole Transformer Station Installations (6/0.4kV, 160kVA):

    • Manufacture, delivery, installation, and commissioning of LV switchgear for electric motor drives with PLC.
    • Execution of electric motor drive and instrumentation installations.
    • Installation of outdoor lighting.
    • Development of application software for PLC and system commissioning.
  • Pole Substation STS (6/0.4kV, 250kVA):

    • Delivery of equipment.
    • Execution of electric power and telecommunication installations for warehouses and auxiliary facilities.
    • Complete equipping of 6kV output cell and installation of 6kV cable line.
  • Tin Mobile Substations (3 pcs):

    • Production and equipment delivery.
  • Reconstruction of Dredger Station (Blocks A1-A4):

    • Panel building delivery and installation of LV switchboard with variable speed drives (2x400kW and 3x132kW).
    • LV switchboard with variable speed drive (55kW).
    • Installation of 2 distribution cabinets and associated electrical installation works.
  • Adaptation of LV Switchboard 0.4kV (Transitional Building in Coal Transportation):

    • Panel building and delivery/installation of distribution cabinets for reactive power compensation and control panels.
  • Delivery and Installation of Electrical Equipment:

    • Electrical motor drive cabinet (1 pcs).
    • Distribution cabinets (6 pcs).
    • Low voltage system installation.
  • Execution and Delivery of Motor Drives Distribution Cabinets.


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