Elektrovat for Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems d.o.o. – Niš

Elektrovat takes pride in its collaboration with Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems d.o.o. in Niš, delivering essential electrical works to enhance production capabilities through strategic partnerships. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive electrical installation services tailored for industrial systems, in collaboration with EL-AS 2000 doo – Kraljevo and Konstruktor konsalting d.o.o. – Beograd. This includes LV switchgear production and installation, substation installations, and the development of software for remote monitoring systems. These collaborative efforts ensure the safety, reliability, and efficiency of the electrical infrastructure.

Explore Elektrovat's comprehensive electrical installation services for Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems in Niš.

Project Details:

  • Primary Distribution Switchgear (35kV DNF7, Schneider Electric):

    • Extensions with new measurement-output cell.
    • Development of software for remote monitoring and control system.
  • LV Switchgear and Armored Busbar Distribution (1000A):

    • Workshop production, delivery, and installation.
    • Delivery and installation of armored busbar distribution.
    1. Production Hall Electrical Installations:
      • Delivery and installation of prefabricated busbar trunking system (Canalis):
        • 2000A (400m)
        • 1600A (252m)
        • 1250A (144m)
        • 800A (153m)
      • Execution of smoke control system.
      • Production and installation of special busbar trunking system.
      • Delivery and commissioning of diesel electric generator (550KVA).
  • Business Facility Electrical Installations:

      • Electrical works for 90 apartments, boiler room, kitchen, and canteen.
      • Electrical installations for waste storage facility (Ex protection).
      • External lighting installations, grounding, and lightning protection (total surface area – 47,000m2).
  • LV Distribution Cabinets:

    • Workshop production, delivery, installation, and connection.
    • Includes 137 distribution cabinets and 122 modular boards.
  • Substation Installations:

      • TS 35/10kV 1x8MVA:
        • Switchgear type DNF7 35kV Schneider Electric.
        • Switchgear type SM6 35kV Schneider Electric.
        • Switchgear type SM6 10kV.
        • Workshop production and installation of LV switchboards (6 pcs).
        • Installation of remote monitoring and control systems.
      • TS1 10/0,4kV 2x2000kVA and TS2 10/0,4kV 2x2000kVA:
        • MV switchgear type SM6, power transformers.
        • Prefabricated busbar trunking system 3200A.
        • Workshop production and installation of LV distribution plant 3200A.
  • Power Monitoring System:

    • Delivery and installation of equipment.
    • Development of application software for substations TS1 and TS2.


The high quality and business level of our company has received the official confirmation through the acquisition of certificates for the established Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001:2015, Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015, Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018, Energy Management System EN ISO 50001:2018, and Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 27001:2014.


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