The most significant business activity that we are proud of from the very beginning is the production of electrical distribution and automation panels.

Gaining experience by installing solely high-quality equipment of the renowned international and national manufacturers, supervision of our experts over all phases of material supply and production, and by testing manufactured products with issued FAT (factory acceptance test), we have become a synonym for quality production of electrical distribution panels.

Numerous and experienced team of wiremen has proven at many demanding and major projects. Construction of a modern facility with all necessary tools, hydraulic machinery for modifying busbars and offices arranged according to international standards, has significantly increased our production capacity and provided optimal working conditions.

The advantage, recognized by the clients regarding competition, apart from our exquisite business and technical capacity, is involving the whole team, consisting of proficient production and design bureau staff, in the whole process of implementation. They point out all eventual irregularities in project documentation, suggest and implement technical and technological solutions in order to meet functionality and quality of panels, as well as planned deadline.

From our wide range of production program, we would like to single out:

  •       LV objects;
  •       Modular panels-type Prisma – Schneider Electric;
  •       Panels for control of electric motor drive and central surveillance and control system;
  •       Panels for reactive energy compensation;
  •       Panels for control and protection of generators and auxiliary supply for hydro and thermal power plants;
  •       Panels for remote dispatch control in Distribution Utilities.

Quality and capacities have been proven in all accomplished projects.