References given by the investors are the best indicator of the quality and deadline adherence during the equipment installation phase for the systems of stage lighting and mechanics in numerous studios and theaters.

Our great advantage over the competition is a team of experienced wiremen and professional staff, who have shown safe, quality, and efficient performance at most sophisticated and complex projects.

Experience gained at more than 150 successful projects guarantees proper installation, wiring, configuration, and commissioning for elements and devices of stage lighting and mechanics, as well as synchronized performance and exquisite cooperation with other contractors.

Preparation of as-built design, attest documentation, and handing in the complete technical documentation to the investor necessary for technical acceptance of the facility, as well as quality training of our client, gives us an opportunity to present our reference projects and investors to our future clients.

The warranty period for our equipment installation and construction work is 24 months.

We provide regular maintenance of our products and of installed equipment of other manufacturers upon work completion, within the warranty period, and after the warranty for 10 years in total.