Our company management was led by industrial demands for continuous modernization and a tendency toward more efficient and sophisticated production control. Thus, our business policy is directed toward efficient and quality performance of more and more complex demands in industrial production automation and technology processes to the satisfaction of our clients.

Our experienced and creative team of professionals is able to reverse complex and specific demands into modern technical and technological solution and by creating quality and overall control algorithms we meet all clients’ requirements. The application of sophisticated equipment significantly contributes to achieving more reliable and optimal technical solutions.

Automation and control of technological processes and units lead toward faster, more efficient and cost-effective production. Application of last generation control systems (PLC) based on highly reliable technology, contributes to production process reliability, decreases supply outage time period, faster diagnostics as well adding to maximum flexibility in adapting the entire system to each production part and requirements. Adequate parameter integration obtained from the production process provides an opportunity for in-depth and more detailed analyses of production parameters via statistic monitoring of all performances.

Our company offers solutions for automation and control of production systems and technology units, and the project is thoroughly approached in the following implementation phases:

  • Preparation of technical documentation for optimal technical solution based on technological demands of the production process and client’s specific requirements.
  • Construction of electric panels for electric motor drive and automation panels by using the latest electric equipment according to all appropriate standards and regulations regarding construction site and exploiting of the equipment provided for operation in the harsh industrial environment.
  • Development of software application for control systems (PLC and OP panels) and implementation of state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Equipment installation (electric motor drive enclosure, automation and equipment panels in the field of sensors and control devices) and installation of electric power and control & monitoring wiring.
  • Control system parametrization, testing, configuration and commissioning.
  • SCADA Systems, surveillance and production process control.
  • Building management system (BMS) testing, configuration and commissioning.

Experience gained in past years, creativity and professionalism of each team member (installers, electrical engineers, project managers), helped us justify the choice and trust of each investor. Our ability to adapt to every production process contributes to the implementation of our optimal solutions in all industry sectors: metallurgy, construction, food, water, electrical power, chemical and other industries. Thanks to this, we can proudly present reference companies and projects which were successfully carried out in the past years.