Students of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak visited our production and business facility

Elektrovat is a company that has been investing in the future since 1990, not only technologically but also through various training programs, thus enabling young students of power engineering to prepare for their first step in the energy domain.

Therefore, in cooperation with the student parliament of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak, a student tour through our business and production facility in Čačak was organized. Where students had the opportunity to see our production plant and the production process of electrical distribution and automation switchboards and panels, as well as our hybrid “on grid” photovoltaic system.

Students were able to gain insight into the complete process required to carry out a project thanks to our design, procurement, programming, construction and installation teams.

Following the world trends in energy Elektrovat was among the first to start monitoring and managing energy from renewable sources, so students could see the SCADA system for remote monitoring and control of mini hydropower plants, our BMS system, heat pumps and of course software display of production, consumption and storage of electricity from the solar power plant on the roof of our business facilities.

The aim of this visit was to give young students an idea of what an engineer’s job looks like in practice and to have an idea of what is expected of them and what the chosen profession enables them for in the initial stages of their education.

We hope that the student will demonstrate the same will and desire in the generations to come.

You can read about the students’ experiences in the following statements:

I heard about Elektrovat from a friend. I attended a presentation about the company at the faculty, and later on, I went on a tour of the company with my colleagues. We had a kind lecturer from the company who explained to us what services Elektrovat offers and showed us some projects as an example. We got acquainted with the future occupations and obligations that await us as future engineers. In the end, he took us through the hall where Schneider panels are produced. Successful companies such as Elektrovat, which cover a wide range of services concerning electrical engineering, motivate me to improve and achieve success.

Marija Popović, student of FTS in Čačak

Miloš Biserčić, student of FTS in Čačak

The visit to Elektrovat was important, because through a conversation with an experienced engineer, we got a closer picture of what awaits us after graduation. Going through some projects, we saw the practical application of knowledge, but also realized the training needed to reach the stage of our guide and future colleague, this awakens the desire to further develop our skills and by overcoming this challenge to one day become true engineers. We also saw the whole process of manufacturing electrical panels, as well as many other electrical equipment. Tours such as this are very important for students because they have the opportunity to see the application of obtained knowledge in practice, this also stands as evidence that electrical engineering is not dull and boring, but instead a very applicable and interesting scientific field.

At Elektrovat, we were led by a senior electrical engineer, who explained in detail how a project is realized, from the beginning of the project starting with documentation, through the creation of electrical cabinets and equipment required by the project, all until its installation. He later took us through the whole premises, showed us how electrical panels are made there we found assembly workers, and we could witness up close how it works in practice. Also, I have to mention that our guide was excellent. His approach, attracted the attention of us students, and he clearly answered all our questions.

Aleksandar Božić, student of FTS in Čačak