AVEVA is a company that was founded in 1967 as CADCentre, with a focus on using computer-aided design (CAD) techniques to empower industrial innovation. In the 1970s, they pioneered the world’s first 3D plant design system, and in the 1980s, they were involved in the development of various industrial technologies, including process simulation software, human-machine interface software, and operator interface software. In the 1990s, they launched the world’s first immersive engineering virtual reality center for plant design, and in the 2000s, they became AVEVA and developed the first interoperable plant and marine design and production system. In recent years, they have focused on sustainability and the use of AI in industrial operations.

Aveva system integrators

The AVEVA Partner Network is a community of experienced and validated System Integrators (SIs) who work with AVEVA to deliver their industrial software solutions. As part of this network, Elektrovat can help our customers on their journey toward digital transformation and cover the entire asset lifecycle. The AVEVA Partner Network enables end users to quickly deploy solutions and take advantage of cost savings driven by edge-to-enterprise improvements.

Joining the AVEVA System Integrator Network offers a range of benefits for Us and our clients. Where we as the System Integrators can access a multi-tiered support system that recognizes delivery capabilities, level of experience, and certifications with AVEVA software and industry-related expertise. We can also take advantage of marketing and lead generation support, as well as access to a range of technical resources and tools.

Aveva system integrators

As part of the AVEVA Partner Network, we can also take advantage of innovation and collaboration opportunities. AVEVA regularly enhances its hardware-agnostic software solutions, which are designed and regularly enhanced by industry experts. This results in faster installation and simplified maintenance, saving engineering hours and offering flexibility in establishing project margins.

For our clients, partnering with an SI in the AVEVA Partner Network offers access to AVEVA’s expertise in industrial engineering, design, and information management software. AVEVA has over 50 years of experience and is the global leader in its field, powering top companies in key verticals such as manufacturing, infrastructure, food and beverage, CPG, mining, oil and gas, and power and utilities.

In conclusion, the AVEVA Partner Network offers a range of benefits for both Elektrovat and our clients. We can access support, marketing and lead generation, and collaboration opportunities, while our clients can benefit from AVEVA’s expertise and proven track record in industrial software. Working together, AVEVA and Elektrovat can drive innovation and growth in the industrial software space.