Schneider Electric Partner

In 2001 we have accepted offer to cooperate with renowned multinational company Schneider Electric, one of global leaders in the field of electric power and thus we became their official distributors. Numerous successfully implemented corporate projects, as well as the fact that cooperation with a renowned company has intensified and increased in volume and quality with every year, based on the built trust, mutual professionalism and business ethics, have proven that we made the right decision.

In 2007 we became official Schneider Electric System Integrators, what we actually are from the very beginning of our cooperation, regarding our broad and overall activities and especially loyalty to Schneider Electric regarding installation of their equipment and application of their contemporary technological solutions.

This cooperation has reached its peak in 2011 when we became official Partner of Schneider Electric and gained opportunity to provide License for Production of MV facilities and equipment under the brand of this prestigious company. For this purpose, SNE Energy d.o.o. Čačak, a company in our ownership which became License Partner of Schneider Electric for the above stated production, was established in the same year.

Via this partnership, Elektrovat has gained broad access to the latest electric power equipment and technologies, professional training of our employees in factories and training centers of Schneider Electric in Europe. All of the stated has helped us to establish our organization and production quality according to the highest European and international standards. On the other hand, Schneider Electric has gained as a partner, one of the most professional, organized and successful companies in Serbia regarding power systems and it is certainly the only company at the present market which implements solely equipment of its partner in all projects, for which we are recognized in Serbia.

In years to come, we expect further development of cooperation between Schneider Electric and Elektrovat and raising it to a higher and more complex and quality level, to the satisfaction of our clients and business partners.