Production and Energy Management

The strong global trends in electricity, which implies an increasing share of the electricity generation from renewable sources in the total electricity generation, while guaranteeing privileged purchase prices of energy from such production facilities, Elektrovat has engaged all its professional resources in order to monitor these tendencies.

BMS system and Solar power plant 

In addition to standard electrical installations, the SNE Energy facility has an integrated heating and cooling system with geothermal water with 4 heat pumps, as well as a central lighting control system, a heating, and cooling system, as well as insulation protection.

On the roof of the SNE Energy (factory for assembly of MV switchgears), Solar power plant with a nominal power of 55 kW, with complete electrical installation, as well as protective and switching elements to the point of the connection to the public distribution network has been implemented. The roof structure was constructed for the installation of 228 FN modules with a total nominal power of 54.72kW (228 x 240W). The electricity generated from the Photovoltaic module on the roof of the SNE Energy facility is injected into the grid.

Thanks to the implementation of such systems, a certificate, that ratifies that the energy management system complies with SRPS EN ISO 50001: 2012 was obtained.

Small Hydro Power Plants in Serbia

Our company is the founder of the enterprise for the production of electricity and heat from renewable sources, Zlatiborske Elektrane doo, which has been involved in the development and implementation of small hydropower plant projects in the Republic of Serbia, since 2009.

The project includes three small hydropower plants – HPP Beli Kamen, HPP Komalj and MHE Peta at locations in the municipality of Čajetina, at the mouth of the Ribnica River in Crni Rzav, with an installed power of 1.7 MW, 0.7 MW and 0.8 MW.

The total installed power of all three SHPP amounts to 3.2 MW and with the installed water flow rate of 2.7 m3 / s, the average annual electricity generation is foreseen, all three SHPPs, 12.600 MWh (6.500 MWh, 2.900 MWh and 3.200 MWh for HPP Beli Kamen, Komalj and Feta respectively), when all three small hydropower plants are in operation.

SHPP “Beli kamen” is located on the Zlatibor mountain, in the municipality of Čajetina, at the mouth of the Ribnica River in Crni Rzav. The SHPP Komalj and SHPP Mine are located downstream of the Black Rzav Basin in the cascade. Locations are distant from populated areas. The negative impacts of SHPPs on the environment are minimal, while the positive impacts, reflected in the reduction of CO2 emissions, positive sociological impact, correction of voltage conditions and reduction of losses in the electricity distribution network will be very large and thus leads to a significant improvement in the quality of electricity that is delivered to consumers in this region.

The original idea was to create three independent water intakes for these three small hydropower plants, however, the results of a basic hydrological study and multiple tests indicated that the differences in the mean flows are negligible. On the other hand, as the design and construction of three water intakes represents a significant investment, it was decided to reallocate only one water catchment area for the HPP Beli Kamen, and that SHPP Komalj I Peta is supplied with water from the same pipeline, after using the water in the HPP Beli Kamen. It was considered that this concept is not lost on the use of water potential, and the costs of the project are optimized.

The technical and legal-administrative documentation, business approach and management of the SHP project in Serbia, which were publicized and public presentations for the purpose of the more efficient overcoming of many unconstrained obstacles in the procedures for implementation of these new projects, received the highest marks from the expert public and the most eminent experts from the subject areas, international institutions (such as EBRD) of clients and partners.

In one word, Elektrovat, which has been recognizable for decades on the market – professionalism without compromise when the profession is in question, concreteness, precision and, above all, sincerity and business morality, and therefore the results were not absent, has also transferred the business policy to the company Zlatiborske Elektrane We are looking forward to the completion and the construction of our new facilities that we are proud of. The public will be informed in detail regards the project progress.