Project: Waste water treatment  plant in  Strumica, Kičevo and  Radoviš

Year of execution:  2017.

Purchaser:   WTE Wassertechnik GmbH, Essen, Germany

Investor:  Government of Republic of FYR Macedonia / Ministry of Finance of FYR Rep. of Macedonia (Department for Financing and Contracts)

Based on our successful collaboration with the leading European concern dealing in treatment of wastewaters,  WTE Wassertechnik GmbH,  in 2017. our company started implementation of the projects of preparation complete technological installations and control systems for waste water treatment plants in Strumica, Radoviš and Kičevo in FYR Macedonia.

In the course of the project implementation, the following activities will be executed:

  • Preparation of project documentation for implementation ;
  • Implementation of ATS system in the event of a power cut at the main supply to LV 0,4kV of transformer station;
  • Delivery and installation of a diesel electrical power generator of the power 350kVA;
  • Production, delivery and installation of distribution cabinets for technological installations and  cabinets with  PLC and other control equipment according to  IEC 61439-1 standard;
  • Delivery and installation of instrument equipment for the needs of technological processes;
  • Design and implementation of SCADA system and PLC software for control and supervision over complete plant;
  • Testing equipment for supply of technological installations, SCADA system and preparation of maintenance project.

Completion of works at  WWTP  at all three locations is planned for the second half of  2017.

Figure 1 – Overview of facility plan at  WWTP Strumica

Figure 2 – Overview of facility plan at  WWTP Radoviš

Figure 3 –  Overview of facility  =04 WWTP Strumica at  SCADA