Project: Architectural lightingof the Vrla bridge on highway E75, Vladičin Han – Serbia

Year of execution: 2018.

Purchaser: JV – AzviRubau

Investor: Koridori Srbije d. o. o.

The bridge Vrla is a part of Koridori 10; it is located at road section Caričina dolina – Vladičin Han, km 885+772,79 – km 900+100,81 and total length of bridge is 644, 4 meters.The poles are illuminated verticaly down. The carriageway is illuminated on the left and the right outer side.

Theluminaires for architectural lighting are used as follows:

  • Color Reach ;
  • Color Graze MX4;
  • Archipoint;

Figure 1 – Architectural lighting of the bridge Vrla (Serbian flag scenario)

Addressing of luminaires is implemented when installations are finished and architectural lighting of Vrla bridge have 13 differently scenarios.

Architectural lighting of this concept is implemented for the first time on an object of this kind in the Republic of Serbia.

Figure 2 – Architectural lighting of the bridge Vrla (blue scenario)

Figure 3 – Architectural lighting of the bridge Vrla