Elektrovat Ltd did the project of Architectural lighting of the City Hall replica, as a part of PFI studios at Šimanovci.

Thanks to our successful cooperation with many TV stations, in our country and the region, the architectural lighting project on the City Hall came into realization. They designed the building as a replica of the San Francisco City Hall. And it is located in Šimanovci as part of PFI studios.
PFI is one of Europe’s state-of-the-art film studio complexes located 28 km from the center of Belgrade. Eight sound stages, ranging from 600sq m to 1,800 sq m, completed and operational. Each featuring an attached multi-story annex with serviced production offices, make-up and wardrobe facilities, dressing rooms, and storage. A total of 8 stages are ready for production. The site includes a 12.5-hectare backlot. There included a 6.000m2 backlot set with a replica of San Francisco City Hall, in front of a 2.000m2 lake and Venice, Monte Carlo, and DC streets. The most recent additions to the studio complex are standing sets of famous Belgrade buildings.
During the project, special attention was paid to highlight the outlines of the building’s facade.
For architectural lighting we used the following luminaires:
  • Vaya Linear MP
  • Vaya Flood HP
  • Color Burst Powercore gen 2