Design and Consulting

We provide services of preparing all forms of Project Documentation, Technical Documentation, Elaborates, Tender Documentation regarding Electric Power, Control and Regulation, and Low and Middle Voltage Installations.

Our professional team provides technical support to the investor in all phases of project implementation, helps in the creation of project assignment while optimizing investment costs, provides optimal suggestions and state-of-the-art solutions, gives suggestions regarding the selection of reliable and quality equipment, takes into account the most specific requests of the investor, provides technical support during project implementation and commissioning.

Vast experience in preparing project documentation and implementation of the most complex projects, implementing the latest solutions, and continuous  professional development has enabled us to  prepare the most demanding and specific project documentation regarding:

– Industrial Facilities:

  • Transformer substations and power distribution switchgear 35kV, 20kV, 10kV and 6kV
  • Power distribution switchgear 0.4kV
  • Indoor and outdoor electric power installation
  • Electric motor drive control
  • SCADA Systems, surveillance and production process control
  • HVAC – electrical installations, distribution panel, control
  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Low voltage installation (structured cabling systems, video surveillance, fire protection installations, etc.)
  • Middle voltage installation.

– Distribution Facilities and Electric Power Production:

  • Transformer substations 35/10 kV/kV, 20(10)/0.4 kV/kV
  • Distribution switchgear up to do 35kV
  • Microprocessor-based Protection
  • Power cable lines up to 35kV
  • Overhead transmission lines up to 20kV
  • Control and surveillance
  • Small hydropower plants

– Business, Residential and Other Facilities:

  • Indoor and outdoor electric power installation
  • Low voltage installation (structured cabling systems, video surveillance, fire protection installations, etc.)
  • Middle voltage installations
  • Intelligent installations – smart house
  • Central Surveillance and Control System
  • HVAC – electric power installation, distribution panels, control
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Special installations in accordance with investor’s requests and facility usage.

– Compensation of Reactive Energy and Electric Power Quality Improvement:

  • Measurement and analyses of electric power parameters, appearances, and conditions within the network with elaborates.
  • Optimal solution proposal for reactive energy compensation with cost-benefit analyses
  • Design of MV and LV facilities for reactive energy compensation

Preparation of project and technical documentation is in compliance with Republic of Serbia Legislation, as well as with regulations and SRPS, IEC standard, Quality Management System SRPS ISO 9001:2008 standard, Law on Planning and Construction (Official Gazette  RS 72/2009), Law on Occupational Safety and Health (Official Gazette  RS 101/2005).

Our company employees are licensed engineers in compliance with the Law on Planning and Construction and Articles of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers.

The company itself was granted a license to perform electric power installation projects for facilities whose Construction Permit is issued by the municipality, i.e. city that is Belgrade, No. 351-03-00115/98-04, the Republic of Serbia.

The quality acknowledgment was gained through successful project implementation for US Steel Smederevo, Pink International Company, Ministry of Health of Serbia, Rafako SA Poland, Tetra Pak Production, Globex, Rudnap Agrar, and many others.